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Training on Privacy, public administration

Project type: Training Portals

The goal was to train many employees without diverting them from the service all together, providing personalized training courses and access to official documentation on the Privacy Code.

  • The municipal administrations have the obligation to train the subjects in charge of the processing of personal / sensitive data of third parties (Privacy Code Legislative Decree 196 of 30 June 2003)
  • The training involves a large number of employees from various sectors (registry office, municipal police, immigration office, etc…)
  • “Privacy Comuni” is an audio / video course with synchronized slides that deals with all the issues of privacy management in a municipal administration with clarity and simplicity.
  • The course is accessible on the Internet
  • Through userId and password, the participant accesses a personalized training course.

SQLServer 2008, Window Server, .NET, Adobe

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