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We are able to implement custom applications on Customer requirements: desktop applications, web-applications, mobile apps.
Design and management of cloud computing systems
  • Strategies and operational models for the management of Information Security and Compliance
  • Project Management (AGILE, PMI, PRINCE)
  • Development of desktop-, web-, and mobile applications
  • Design and management of cloud computing systems
  • Database Analysis, Systems Engineering
  • Multi-media training pills (Learning Objects), Learning Object Systems, Learning Management Systems (LMS), Edugames
Customized solutions
Portals, CRMs, eCommerce

Development of SW applications

We are able to implement customized applications on Customer specifications: desktop applications, web-applications, mobile apps. Here are some projects:
  • Health surveillance
    Occupational medicine
  • Parking management
    Metropolitan and private parking
  • Desktop agent
    Large-scale distribution, "push" messaging for / to points of sale
  • Transportation Web-ticketing
    for transport companies in Emilia Romagna
  • Brokerage platforms
    «Reputation-based» for craftsmen search, with web application and app
  • Post-processing of vehicle registration statistics
    Caravan, motor caravan & RV dealers
  • Easy questionnaire
    Cosmetic industry, large retailers
  • Managent EVOlution platform
    Business simulation games
and remote training

Learning object & LMS

Multi-media training pills (Learning Object), remote training delivery systems (LMS), Edugames
  • Training for sales teams
    Telecommunication, Financial Services and Large Scale Retails Trade sector
  • Prevention and security
    Pharmaceutical and consultancy company, in the technical and safety fields
  • Privacy code
    Long-term rental, Privacy for the local PA
  • Training portals
    Insurance, large scale retailers, Privacy for the local Public Administration

B2B, B2C & CRM

Portals based on Content Management Systems, CRM Platforms, Portals for commercial info sharing, B2B & B2C eCommerce. Here are some projects:
  • Online questionnaires for HR
    Personal services and transport
  • Tenders management for sales network
  • Contact management
    Italian federations in the medical field
  • Online Security Policy document
    Italian federations in the medical field
  • Enterprise Collaboration Platform DHUB
    Cosmetics and beauty
Financial back-office

Unpaid and overdues reduction

In Italy, compared to ten years ago, the number of outstanding payments (source Bankitalia) has quadrupled with tangible (bank charges) and intangible (absence of current assets) economic consequences.

The solution involves all technological (the new SEPA regulation) and operational aspects and, thanks to the SaaS (Software as a Service) model, does not interfere with management processes and tools. The success rate depends on the precise interaction of the procedures that manage mandates, SDD (SEPA Direct Debit) collections and portfolio presentations.

Ulisse offers a complete and scalable service to drastically reduce the number of outstanding payments.

The platform is at the center of the treasury and finance management processes to automatically dialogue with the banking world and with the management world by relating them through sophisticated scheduled and fully customizable back-office processes.

The interface and startup of BICTA are specifically designed to be "zero impact" on the corporate infrastructure, allowing it to be adopted without disrupting consolidated operations.

Easy Survey

Occupational safety and health management

Easy Survey is the Ulisse platform for survey management. Scalable and multilingual, it allows you to manage each phase of the investigation: setting up the survey, inviting users, collecting data and presenting results.

The ideal solution for your business

Our References

  • The factory of ideas, concept design

    Showcase for concepts and design ideas that favors the meeting and collaboration between designers and companies

  • Sales Community, mobile sector

    Community to support and integrate the work done in the classroom, a space where users can discuss the ideas offered and develop new collaborative ideas

  • Training Portal, Large-Scale Retails Trade sector

    The customer needed a tool for the training of sales staff in the stores before the entry into production of a new management software.

  • Training on Privacy, public administration

    The goal was to train many employees without diverting them from the service all together, providing personalized training courses and access to official documentation on the Privacy Code.

  • Performance Management System

    System for evaluating and managing the performance of human resources. The system supports the assignment of objectives and the subsequent assessment of performance and technical and behavioral skills expressed during the year.

  • EasySurvey, personal health

    Easy Survey is the Ulisse platform for survey management. Scalable and multilingual, it allows you to manage each phase of the investigation: setting up the survey, inviting users, collecting data and presenting the results.

  • Operation Support System

    Design from scratch of an Operation Support System (OSS) for the management of public car parks (single- and multi-level).

  • Content management, mobile operator

    The goal was to create an easy-to-use tool that did not require the installation of software at the dealer.

  • Desktop Agent

    The Customer requested to instantly inform his sales team that a specific service was temporarily offline

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