Data as an engine of competitiveness

Knowing and being able to react quickly will be essential to remain competitive. Data analysis represents an important key to understanding the reality and the market today and tomorrow: thanks to advanced analytics it is possible to keep the available information in order, find unexpected relationships between the data, predict future business scenarios. The entrepreneurs must necessarily promote the culture of data in order to extract the maximum business value thanks to an analysis capable of optimizing processes, reducing costs, predicting changes in demand and making strategic decisions to support one's company, big or small it is.

SAS acts as a facilitator to support companies in their change process with the aim of creating an analytical culture. This takes place through content in big data and innovation, numerous training activities such as digital learning courses and relationships with universities, so as to be a support to create those skills and figures that are missing and that can be the keystone for a business transformation strategy. The many training and updating meetings organized by the company, such as SAS Forum or Analytics Experience, are fundamental moments that represent a push to look ahead, where business users, analysts and sector experts share new approaches to today's business challenges and of tomorrow.

The stories, the testimonies and the practical applications of the companies that have been accompanied in the transformation process towards digital are collected and told in itasascom: a direct line with the protagonists of the business thanks to which to understand the scenario of Digital Transformation, Big Data and Advanced Analytics in which companies and professionals move. The protagonists of the stories covered are the people who every day with their ideas and skills bring innovation to the center of business strategies. The goal is to tell about the changes taking place, contributing to the updating of all those who make innovation a fundamental element of their professional career.

Stories such as that of a manufacturing company that, thanks to data analysis, has managed to predict and anticipate market needs without having to rely on luck, recording a drop in the forecast error of tens of percentage points. Another example comes from a company that produces snacks and uses analytics to profile the customer's tastes, behaviors and lifestyles and through data analysis it ensures that each product has the right characteristics of taste, crunchiness or creaminess. Another company has won the online challenge thanks to the adoption of analytical tools that have allowed it to completely reinvent the purchasing process on all channels and offer a personalized experience to its customers.

Comply with the EU-GDPR

  • Risk analysis
  • Drafting of documentation
  • Infrastructure adaptation
  • Staff training
  • Ordinary and Extraordinary Management: Update, Monitoring & Audit, Data Breach
Making the best use of the "oil" of the new century

Our References

  • The factory of ideas, concept design

    Showcase for concepts and design ideas that favors the meeting and collaboration between designers and companies

  • Sales Community, mobile sector

    Community to support and integrate the work done in the classroom, a space where users can discuss the ideas offered and develop new collaborative ideas

  • Training Portal, Large-Scale Retails Trade sector

    The customer needed a tool for the training of sales staff in the stores before the entry into production of a new management software.

  • Training on Privacy, public administration

    The goal was to train many employees without diverting them from the service all together, providing personalized training courses and access to official documentation on the Privacy Code.

  • Performance Management System

    System for evaluating and managing the performance of human resources. The system supports the assignment of objectives and the subsequent assessment of performance and technical and behavioral skills expressed during the year.

  • EasySurvey, personal health

    Easy Survey is the Ulisse platform for survey management. Scalable and multilingual, it allows you to manage each phase of the investigation: setting up the survey, inviting users, collecting data and presenting the results.

  • Operation Support System

    Design from scratch of an Operation Support System (OSS) for the management of public car parks (single- and multi-level).

  • Content management, mobile operator

    The goal was to create an easy-to-use tool that did not require the installation of software at the dealer.

  • Desktop Agent

    The Customer requested to instantly inform his sales team that a specific service was temporarily offline

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